14 September 2022


Participants’ speech


Session Biochemical conversion
25 min each (15 oral presentation + 10 questions and discussion)

Session Biorefineries
25 min each (15 oral presentation + 10 questions and discussion)



Michael Nelles
Achim Loewen
Hans Oechsner

Andrea Kruse
Nicolaus Dahmen
Matthias Gaderer


Dynamic modelling of anaerobic biomethane production rates using stochastic algorithms
Alberto Meola (DBFZ / Leipzig University, Germany)

How to model processes online (fast)
Robert Pujan (DBFZ, Germany /
Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU Trondheim, Norway)


Material characterization and conditioning of cattle feedlot manure as feedstock for dry batch anaerobic digestion
Harald Wedwitschka (DBFZ / Rostock University, Germany)

Reductive catalytic fractionation as conversion process of argan nutshells
Zainab Afailal (University of Zaragoza, Spain)


Biogas from press water of organic fractions in residual waste
Rzgar Bewani (Rostock University, Germany)


Hydrothermal carbonisation & wetland engineered treatment systems for nutrient recovery and its biomass conversion into high-value products [Willow-Salix Viminalis] Andrés Acosta (Aarhus University, Denmark / TTZ Bremerhaven, Germany)


Validation of liquid quench system in combination with GC-ICP-MS for measuring siloxanes in biogas and its future perspectives
Ayush Agarwal (Paul Scherrer Institute PSI / École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne EPFL, Switzerland)

Resource-saving and integrated activated carbon production strategy for the elimination of micropollutants at wastewater treatment plants
Arouba Hussain (University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany)


Lunch break


Session Biofuels
25 min each (15 oral presentation + 10 questions and discussion)

Session Sustainable resource base
25 min each (15 oral presentation + 10 questions and discussion)


Andrea Kruse
Nicolaus Dahmen
Matthias Gaderer

Omar Hijazi
Kurt Möller
Andrea Parenti


Laboratory research and optimization of biogas upgrading based on chemical scrubbing with amino acid salts for scalable expansion of biomethane production
Jianing Song (University of Stuttgart, Germany)

Improvement of anaerobic digestion of lignocellulosic biomass by coupling fungal and chemical pretreatments
Shruthi Meenakshisundaram (University of Technology of Compiègne, France)


Long-term experiments and H2S poisoning with catalysts for direct biogas methanation
Selina Nieß (DBFZ / Technical University Berlin, Germany)

Degradation and nutrient availability of the novel PBX polymer shown by soil microorganisms
Tobias Borgmeyer (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)


Membrane applications in biorefinery processes - the use of water selective membranes in CO₂ methanation processes
Matthis Kurth (DBFZ / Technical University Berlin, Germany)

Status quo and gaps of trade-offs in low iLUC risk certification
Beike Sumfleth (DBFZ / Leipzig University, Germany)


Biological methanation of syngas with trickle bed reactor (TBR)
Florian Gabler (RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden)



Coffee break



  • Within the framework of this format, participants will have the opportunity to network along key topics and put their questions to the professors attending the event.
  • The topics will be collected with the online registration for the event. The four most frequently mentioned topics will be discussed during this session.


Award best poster & Farewell   


End of the event