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DBFZ Research Activities

DBFZ R&D and Project Focus

The main focus has been on the use of agricultural residues and solid biomass for bioenergy production, in particular:

  • Solid energy carriers production as well as standardization and certification
  • Clean and efficient solid fuel combustion technologies
  • Knowledge & technology transfer for biogas/biomethane production from agricultural residues

DBFZ Activities

Since 2009 the DBFZ has been involved in R&D and market projects in Poland which has resulted in strong ties with Polish partners and well-versed project experiences. So far, DBFZ has participated in four EU projects incorporating around ten partners from all over Poland. The DBFZ is member of the German-Polish working group on renewables resources which was established by Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINROL) in 2009.

DBFZ Future Activities

Poland is a focus country of DBFZ cooperation. Especially in the field of energetic and material related utilization of untapped agricultural residues projects between Germany and Poland promise to be very fruitful with a lighthouse character for the bioenergy sector across Central Europe. In particular, future activities include:

  • cooperation on biogas
  • pilot plant projects regarding sewage sludge
  • increased exchange of visiting scientists

DBFZ Partners

Polish project partners include actors from various sectors of the economy, administration, politics and science. The DBFZ already signed two cooperation agreements. In previous years the DBFZ engaged with more than 10 Polish partners in R&D and market-oriented projects.

Baltic Energy Conservation Agency (BAPE)Cooperation Agreement
Institute of Power Engineering (IEN)Cooperation Agreement
Academy of Science WarszawaProject partner
Ministry of Agriculture (MINROL)
Główny Instytut Górnictwa (GIG)Project partner
Kujawsko-Pomorski Agricultural
Extension Centre (K-PODR)
Project partner
Universities  in Olsztyn, Danzig, Białystok, Posen, StettinExchange of visiting scientists

DBFZ Reference Projects (selected)

04/2012 - 06/2015BioEcoMatic (KIC InnoEnergy, Innovation project)
Construction of Small-to-Medium Capacity Boilers for Clean and Efficient Combustion of Biomass for Heating
The project aims at constructing and providing to the market a new biomass heating boiler of medium size: 250 – 500 kW. The boiler is equipped with innovative filtering and automatic feeding systems.
01/2012 - 06/2015SECTOR (EU FP 7 Collaborative R&D project)
SECTOR (Production of Solid Sustainable Energy Carriers from Biomass by Means of Torrefaction) is a large-scale European project with 21 partners from industry and science. The project is focused on the further development of torrefaction-based technologies for the production of solid bioenergy carriers up to pilot-plant scale and beyond, and on supporting the market introduction of torrefaction-based bioenergy carriers.
05/2011 - 04/2014SolidStandards (EU Program Intelligent Energy Europe)
In the project, solid biofuel industry players were informed and trained in the field of standards and certification and their feedback was collected and provided to the related standardization committees and policy makers.
The core of the action was the organization of 35 training events for producers, traders and end-users of solid biofuels and actors involved in standardization and certification.

01/2009 - 31/2011

Coach BioEnergy (EU Program Interreg Central Europe)
Strengthening the energy use of biomass in Central and Eastern Europe by establishing a standardised transnational consulting net for regions. 18 different organisations from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany and Austria developped and gather the most recent research results concerning the environmental, economic and social aspects of biomass utilisation.

DBFZ Reference Publications

Seiffert, M.; Mroczkowski, P.: Oczyszczanie i zatlaczanie biogazuna przykladzie Niemiec. Mozliwosci wdrozenia technologiiw Polsce, In:,54026,2,0,0,0,0,0,oczyszczanie-i-zatlaczanie-biogazu-na-przykladzie-niemiec-mozliwosci-wdrozenia-technologii-w-polsce.html [January, 2015]


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About the DBFZ

DBFZ is the leading German research institute in the field of energetic and related material use of biomass. The DBFZ monitors and evaluates the most promising applications for bioenergy in theory and practice, realizing research and collaborative research projects at both national and international level, with partners and stakeholders from industry, administration, politics and academia. Currently about 180 scientists in the departments Bioenergy Systems, Biochemical Conversion, Thermo-chemical Conversion and Biorefineries carry out application-oriented R&D that also provides scientifically-based results to support informed political decision making.