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DBFZ Research Activities

DBFZ Activities

Since 2005 the DBFZ has been involved in various R&D projects in Brazil with a particular regional focus on the Southern and South-Eastern region. Based on these activities, the DBFZ has established strong relationships with universities, research institutions and with local, regional and national public institutions. In addition, DBFZ actively supports the exchange of young scientists and has already hosted a number of Brazilian guest researchers.

DBFZ R&D and Project Focus

The main focus has been on the sustainable production of biogas using residues from the bioethanol production (especially vinasse) and manure. In particular:

  • Support for the establishment of biogas research laboratories
  • Research and capacity building on innovative biogas production
  • Creation of a research network with continuous exchange of junior and senior scientists

DBFZ Future Activities

Brazil is a focus country of DBFZ cooperation in Latin America. Especially in the field of biogas production from agricultural and municipal residues and wastes the DBFZ will strengthen and extent its current activities. In particular the DBFZ aims to:

  • Support for the implementation of pilot plants (innovative concepts for specific residues like vinasse, manioc, manure, municipal waste, etc.)
  • Establish a strong research network with Universities
  • Support the continuous exchange of scientist and PhD students

DBFZ Partners

The DBFZ has signed 15 cooperation agreements with actors from various sectors of the economy, administration and science. Most of the partners are members of the research network BiReSb which is led by the DBFZ.

UniversitiesUniversidade Federal do Rio Grande do sul (UFRGS);
Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM);
Universidade Regional do Noroeste do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul (UNIJUI)
CompaniesBiogastec Energie Assessoria E Projetos de Geracao Energetica LTDA;
SCGAS Companhia de Gas de Santa Catarina
ResearchBrazilian Agricultural Research Corporation;
LACTEC - Institute of Technology for Development
PublicConsorcio Intermunicipal de Saude do Noroeste do Rio Grande do Sul-Camara Setorial de Saneamento Basico (CISA);
A OSCIP-Agencia de Desenvolvimento Regional do Norte e Noroeste do Estado do Rio de Janeiro,
Ecoterra –Bio

DBFZ Reference Projects (selected)

01/2014 - 06/2015
German-Brazilian Research Cooperation “New Partnerships – iNOPA” (DAAD – GIZ – CAPES)
Sustainable bioeconomy in Brazil: Bioenergy from biogas using various types of waste substrates from the Brazilian bioethanol industry.
01/2014 - 06/2015 German- Brazilian Research Cooperation “New Partnerships – iNOPA” (DAAD – GIZ – CAPES)
Capacity-building and fundamental research in order to develop and thus bring into service a mechanical biological treatment facility (MBT) with an integrated fermentation stage for the community of Jundiaí, SP.
01/2010-04/2014 Research Network BiReSb - Biogas production using residues in Southern Brazil
The DBFZ has been collaborating with Brazilian research establishments in a biogas research network known as BiReSb – Biogas from residual products in southern Brazil – since 2010. The aim of the partnership is to enable the transfer of bioenergy technologies by building up local know-how and research infrastructure.
12/2011 - 07/2012Establishment of a Biogas Research Laboratory for Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária - EMBRAPA
(Companhia de Gás de Santa Catarina – GIZ)
The DBFZ served as a technical/scientific consultant in during the planning and establishment of the research laboratory in the federal state Santa Catarina. In addition future employees of the laboratory spent one month at the DBFZ premises to receive appropriate training.
01/2009 - 03/2011German Climate Technology Initiative (GCTI): Promoting Climate-Friendly Biogas Technology in Brazil (GIZ/BMZ)
The transition towards the widespread use of biogas from diverse sources in energy generation has been initiated. As part of the GCTI, this project aims to create a more conducive framework for biogas-based energy generation in Brazil. GIZ is supporting the Ministry of Cities (Ministério das Cidades) in coordinating actors from the spheres of politics, the public sector, industry, research and science in order to fully utilise the potential offered by biogas as an economical, renewable source of energy, and to open up new market opportunities


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About the DBFZ

DBFZ is the leading German research institute in the field of energetic and related material use of biomass. The DBFZ monitors and evaluates the most promising applications for bioenergy in theory and practice, realizing research and collaborative research projects at both national and international level, with partners and stakeholders from industry, administration, politics and academia. Currently about 180 scientists in the departments Bioenergy Systems, Biochemical Conversion, Thermo-chemical Conversion and Biorefineries carry out application-oriented R&D that also provides scientifically-based results to support informed political decision making.