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DBFZ Research Activtities

DBFZ Activities

Belarus offers good conditions for the development of the bioenergy sector. Since 2009 the DBFZ has been involved in R&D projects in Belarus. Different Belarusian partners and stakeholders are members of the research network SOJUS Bioenergy, managed by the DBFZ. This network supports and helps to establish the cooperation between researchers and companies from Germany, Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the bioenergy field.

DBFZ R&D and Project Focus

The main focus of the previous DBFZ engagement in Belarus has been on knowledge transfer, improvement of framework conditions for use of bioenergy as well as exploitation of unused biomass potential.

  • Strengthening and development of scientific bioenergy networks
  • Sustainable utilization of forest biomass, agricultural biomass (energy crops, agricultural residues, (biogenic) wastes, landfill gas and mine gas
  • Sustainable integration of bioenergy in already existing infrastructures
  • Development of concepts for self-sustaining energy in agricultural complexes
  • Support for the establishment of the research and information biomass centre at the International Sakharov Environmental University (ISEU) in Minsk

DBFZ Future Activities

The Republic of Belarus is one of the focus countries of DBFZ cooperation in Eastern Europe. The DBFZ would like to strengthen its activities in Belarus in the following fields:

  • Exchange of the scientific basics of using biomass and biogenic waste material for energy purposes
  • Knowledge transfer in the field of determination of the substrates potential for biogas production as well as the examination of these determination methods
  • Development of feasibility studies for the optimisation of the fermentation process in operational facilities for biomass use
  • Scientific publication and preparation of the lecture notes and handouts (biogas production and use, landfill gas generation and use models, combustion of solid biomass for heating and power  generation, treatment of municipal waste, sustainable waste management models)
  • Provision with scientific literature – scientific basics for use of energy based on biomass
  • Horizon 2020 -  submission of application together with Belarusian partners

DBFZ Partners

Project partnersBelarusian State University of Agricultural Technology
Belarusian State Technological University, Chair of economy studies
International Sakharov Environmental University
The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Research and Technology park, Gomel
Research Institute "Belgorhimprom", Minsk

DBFZ Reference Projects (selected)

04/2012 - 05/2014
Marketing Measures for the Scientific Network SOJUS Bioenergy (SoMaRu)
The research network SOJUS Bioenergy supports cooperation between researchers and companies from Germany, Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the bioenergy field. It enables the partners to reach for technically efficient, economically and ecologically optimized and thus sustainable solutions in bioenergy applications. The main focus of the project has been on initiation and advisory support for bi- and multilateral research projects in the field of biomass and bioenergy.
10/2009 - 12/2011Strengthening and development of scientific bioenergy networks in East Europe
The project was aimed to strengthening of national and international network structures in the field of bioenergy as well as creation of national dossiers describing the framework conditions and opportunities with respect to an enhanced and efficient use of bioenergy in the target countries the Ukraine, Belarus and Russia and identifying suitable paths to greater use of biomass for energy provision.
03/2012 - 12/2012 BIOMINSK
The aim of the project was the establishment of the research and information biomass centre at the International Sakharov Environmental University (ISEU) in Minsk. The organizational structures and the thematic focus of the centre were aligned and coordinated in close cooperation with the Belarusian partners.
09/2009 - 12/2011 Sustainable European Biomethane Strategy (joint research project)
The project analyzed the technical biomass potentials to produce biomethane, the current regional energy and climate policy as well as technical, economic and ecological aspects and market requirements for the provision, feed-in and distribution of biomethane with a focus on the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus. The project had the objectives of the integration of biomethane into current supply patterns as well as of the development of a Sustainable European Biomethane Strategy based on forecasts until 2030.


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About the DBFZ

DBFZ is the leading German research institute in the field of energetic and related material use of biomass. The DBFZ monitors and evaluates the most promising applications for bioenergy in theory and practice, realizing research and collaborative research projects at both national and international level, with partners and stakeholders from industry, administration, politics and academia. Currently about 180 scientists in the departments Bioenergy Systems, Biochemical Conversion, Thermo-chemical Conversion and Biorefineries carry out application-oriented R&D that also provides scientifically-based results to support informed political decision making.